A chip-based InP3N4 hybrid laser with ultra-high coherence

Youwen Fan (Speaker), Ruud Oldenbeuving (Contributor), M. Hoekman (Contributor), D. Geskus (Contributor), R Dekker (Contributor), Rene Heideman (Contributor), C.G.H. Roeloffzen (Contributor), Boller, K. J. (Contributor)

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Here we report the experimental realization of a chip-based, wavelength-tunable InP-Si3N4 hybrid laser. The laser is formed by longitudinally coupling an InP diode chip and a Si3N4 (TripleXTM¬) waveguide chip. Via implementing a widely tunable Si3N4 feedback circuit (a chain of three microring resonators in Vernier configuration), any wavelength within the diode gain bandwidth (1500 nm to 1581 nm) becomes addressable. Furthermore, the significant roundtrip optical length (50 cm on a chip) of the feedback circuit imposes an extremely low intrinsic spectral bandwidth of 290 Hertz (Schawlow-Townes, quantum limited). The demonstrated low bandwidth is far below that of any reported chip-based and tunable hybrid laser, and thereby marks a new paradigm in employing diode lasers for providing light with ultra-high coherence in an application relevant format.
Period10 Oct 2017
Event title41st Annual Meeting NNV AMO Lunteren 2017: null
Event typeConference
Conference number41
LocationLunteren, Netherlands
Degree of RecognitionInternational