Dual-responsive poly(ferrocenylsilane) polyions with switchable transparency

Activity: Talk or presentationInvited talk


We demonstrate a one-step synthetic approach to thermo-responsive poly(ferrocenylsilanes), [PFS−SO3][nBu4P], formed via the Strecker reaction, by choosing tetraalkylphosphonium sulfite as an effective and versatile nucleophile. Using this approach, sulfonate side groups with phosphonium counterions were directly introduced to iodopropyl-functionalized PFS. In addition to these [PFS−SO3][nBu4P] structures, PFSs with pendant phosphonium groups and alkylsulfonate counterions were synthesized. The pendant ion pairs were selected to possess a suitable hydrophobicity, to impart the PFS chains with a lower critical solution temperature-type phase transition upon mixing with water. In this presentation the synthesis and properties of these rather hydrophobic PFS polyions will be discussed.
Period22 Aug 2017
Event title254th American Chemical Society National meeting & Expo
Event typeConference
Conference number254
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