From Pixels to Microbes: Harnessing Image spectroscopy DESIS data and eDNA for Forest Microbiome Mapping

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The utilization of Environmental DNA (eDNA) is transforming the manner in which we monitor biodiversity, specifically microbial communities, in ecological environments. It allows us to directly identify thousands of taxonomic units from small soil, water, or plant material samples. However, despite this remarkable advancement, our understanding of the spatial distribution of microbiological biodiversity and its vital role in ecosystem functioning remains limited due to the absence of on-site observations. In this study, we propose a fundamentally distinct approach to biodiversity monitoring by integrating on-site eDNA community composition with remote sensing imaging spectroscopy DESIS data. This combination enables us to extrapolate the relative abundance of microbiological taxa across landscapes using remote sensing techniques. Our objective was to assess whether the diversity of microorganisms in soil could be estimated by analyzing the alpha diversity derived from image spectroscopy remote sensing imagery. Our results indicate that the alpha diversity of the soil microbiome can be effectively mapped in temperate forests located in central and northern Europe by employing image spectroscopy reflectance in conjunction with eDNA. Through this approach, we have gained valuable insights into the patterns of the soil microbiome and its impact on ecosystem function across these European forests. These findings offer plausible and innovative perspectives on biologically relevant patterns and ecosystem function.
Period2 Nov 2023
Event title13th Workshop on Hyperspectral Imaging and Signal Processing: Evolution in Remote Sensing, WHISPERS 2023
Event typeConference
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