LISEM (Lisem Integrated Spatial Earth Modeller) is a free and open-source software tool that aims to enable systematic integration of state-of-the-art numerical solutions for natural hazards both spatially (e.g. multi-hazard) and temporarily (e.g. feedbacks between events). It makes gathering and processing data easier and helps with dealing with uncertainties in complex simulations in a flexible and customizable manner. The modelling framework of LISAM treats data as sub-pixel fractions and allows multiple flow types (1D and 2D linked) and fully integrated erosion/hydrology components.
Period17 Nov 2022
Event titleMini Symposium on Sustainable Research Software Development for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation 2022
Event typeOther
LocationEnschede, NetherlandsShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • Erosion
  • Hazard modelling
  • Hydrology
  • Multi-hazard modelling
  • Physically-based models
  • Research software
  • Software development