Maintenance Clustering for Rail Track Components under Possession Capacity Constraints

Cuong Dao (Speaker)

    Activity: Talk or presentationOral presentation


    In the Netherlands, railway transportation is highly dense and railway infrastructure maintenance planning is crucial. The asset management company (ProRail) needs to coordinate with railway undertakings as well as maintenance contractors in different regions to plan any major possession. The major possessions are often scheduled at weekends when there are less passengers to minimize disruptions to the regular train operations. Track possessions involve high costs, and thus, maintenance and renewal projects are clustered to reduce the total costs. This research presents an optimization model for clustering maintenance and renewal activities for several rail-track components when the available time for maintenance is limited. The objective is to minimize the total cost in the planning horizon. We investigate the effects of available possession time when scheduling maintenance activities by considering the possession capacity constraints. During a possession, different cost factors are considered such as the fixed possession cost, i.e. the set-up cost related to the preparation for maintenance, the maintenance and renewal cost, i.e. the actual cost of doing
    maintenance and renewal activities on the track system, and the variable socialeconomic cost related to the disruptions of the regular train operation. This study is expected to help ProRail address the maintenance planning problems when the available possession time for maintenance is limited.
    Period3 Feb 2017
    Event titleMaintenance Research Day 2017: null
    Event typeConference
    LocationUtrecht, Netherlands