Remote sensing of lodged crops

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Crop lodging is a major problem in staple cereal crops and can cause yield losses of up to 75% in wheat. For her promotion, UT PhD-student Sugandh Chauhan demonstrated a novel remote sensing-based approach to map the susceptibility of certain areas to crop lodging. The results of her work are directly relevant for reaching two targets under the Sustainable Development Goals laid out by the United Nations. Sugandh defended her PhD cum laude. 

Lodging is the bending of the stems of cereal crops. When lodged, crops such as wheat become very difficult to harvest. The bending can be caused by both genetics and environmental factors. Lodging deteriorates the grain quality, thus affecting the likelihood of achieving a premium market price. Near real-time information on lodging and its susceptibility can help farmers take measures to prevent the lodging from happening.

Period16 Nov 2020

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Media contributions