Water footprint applied in industry

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Period1 Oct 2019

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Media contributions

  • TitleWater footprint applied in industry
    Media name/outletThe Circonomist
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    DescriptionOn 18 September the Industry Water Network Group discussed the application in industry of the water footprint tool of the Water Footprint Network. Heineken and Shell shared their practical experience with the tool. Particularly the so-called ‘grey water footprint’ (determined by the amount of water needed to dilute pollutants) is rather puzzling and difficult to interpret in practice. And the water used for the raw materials often accounts for a larger part of the footprint than do the internal operational processes. The water footprint should, by increasing awareness, contribute to a more sustainable water use.

    On Wednesday, 18 September, a workshop was held at KWR for the Industry Water Network Group. The theme was the significance and value of the Water Footprint as a tool for industry. The keynote speaker was Rick Hogeboom, director of the Water Footprint Network, who is also associated with the research group of Arjen Hoekstra, professor of water management at the University of Twente.
    PersonsRick Hogeboom