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University of Twente : course research and data documentation

van Bentum, M. (Creator), Becht, H. (Creator), DataverseNL, 2020


University of Twente : course research data management

van Bentum, M. (Creator), Noort, P. (Creator), DataverseNL, 2020


Using Remote Sensing to Identify Drivers behind Spatial Patterns in the Bio-physical Properties of a Saltmarsh Pioneer

Oteman, B. F. (Creator), Morris, E. P. (Creator), Peralta, G. (Creator), Bouma, T. J. (Creator), van der Wal, D. (Creator), 4TU.Centre for Research Data, 2020


Who judges a book by its cover? The prevalence, structure, and correlates of physiognomic beliefs

Jaeger, B. (Creator), Evans, A. M. (Creator), Stel, M. (Creator), van Beest, I. (Creator), DataverseNL, 17 Jul 2019