A dataset for non-reflecting boundary conditions in the context of the discontinuous Galerkin method

  • Edmond Shehadi (Creator)



This is a dataset for computational work investigating non-reflecting boundary conditions (NRBCs). The framework used is based on a high-order nodal discontinuous Galerkin method. The flow is described by the two-dimensional non-linear Euler equations. The data explores the efficacy of different NRBCs, mainly: perfectly matched layers (PML), sponge layers, supersonic layers, Riemann-extrapolation methods and a new polynomial-correction (PC-)Navier-Stokes charactestic boudnary condition (NSCBC) approach. Additionally, hybrid methods also are used, by combining some of these methods together (refer to folder name). Finally, the configuration file for generating each of these datasets is included, per folder.
Date made available22 Mar 2022
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data

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