Data repository for manuscript "The Influence of Feedwater pH on Membrane Charge Ionization and Ion Rejection by Reverse Osmosis: An Experimental and Theoretical Study"



The dataset describes both the theoretical and experimental data for desalination of 30 mM NaCl salt solution with BW30HR-440 reverse osmosis (RO) membrane at varying pH. Feedwater pH is varied by acid-base dosing (HCl and NaOH), and gas contol (CO2) techniques. Experimental runs 1-4 are for acid-base dosing whereas runs 5 and 6 are for gas control. The model prediction data is obtained from a one dimensional mass transport model using the extended Donnan-Steric partitioning pore model and coupled with membrane charge ionization description as well as transport of H+ and OH-.
Date made available27 Jun 2022
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data

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