Data underlying the article: In-plane deformation measurements for validation of composite forming simulations

  • Dennis Brands (Creator)
  • Kevin van Kammen (Creator)
  • Sebastiaan Wijskamp (Creator)
  • R. Akkerman (Creator)
  • Wouter Grouve (Creator)
  • Wouter J.B. Grouve (Creator)



In-plane deformation measurements on press-formed parts from a unidirectional carbon-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material. Laminates with a cross-ply layup were formed over a dome geometry. The outer ply recieves a painted pattern before deformation and was subsequently digitized using photogrammetry after forming. The dataset includes the methodology used in calculation of the deformations. Additional analyses for a correction, the use of symmetries and precision analysis are also included.
Date made available13 Dec 2022
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data

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