Data underlying the publication: A Novel Tribometer and a Comprehensive Testing Method for Rolling-Sliding Conditions



The following dataset corresponds to the tribological tests presented in the article titled "A Novel Tribometer and a Comprehensive Testing Method forRolling-Sliding Conditions" published in Machines MDPI (2023). The objective of this study was to introduce and validate a novel test setup and an experimental methodology based on torque control for tribological testing of rolling-sliding interfaces, with a spotlight on cam-roller contacts. For the validation process, experimental data generated by the novel test setup under different conditions was collected, processed, and analyzed. These quantitative data (in the present dataset) include measurements of speed, traction force, normal force, and braking torque from two different types of tests (i.e., Torque-Mode Traction Tests and Traction Decay Tests), which have been used to construct the plots in the publication mentioned above.
Date made available15 Feb 2024
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data
Temporal coverage2023 - 2024

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