Data underlying the publication: Fatigue Lifetime Prediction Model for Leading Edge Protection Coating Systems of Wind Turbine Blades



MATLAB code for calculating fatigue lifetime of a leading edge protection system for wind turbine blades and a corresponding coating stress history dataset. The coating stress history is solved according to [1] for a 2 mm diameter droplet impacting at 100 m/s on a bulk epoxy material. [1]: Hoksbergen, N., Akkerman, R., & Baran, I. (2022). Coating stress analysis for leading edge protection systems for wind turbine blades. In Proceedings of the 20th European Conference on Composite Materials - Composites Meet Sustainability (Vol. 5 – Applications and Structures, pp. 113-120). Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.
Date made available27 Jun 2023
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data

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