Data underlying the publication: Water footprints and crop water use of 175 individual crops for 1990–2019 simulated with a global crop model



Here we provide outputs of the global simulation of crop water footprints (WFs) with a process-based gridded crop model ACEA (see model description in references). The model is based on FAO’s AquaCrop and covers 175 widely-grown crops in the 1990–2019 period at a 5 arcminute resolution. We partition WFs into green (water from precipitation) and blue (from irrigation or capillary rise) and differentiate between rainfed and irrigated production systems. The outputs include gridded datasets (NetCDF4 files) and national averages (CSV file) for unit water footprints (expressed in m3 t-1 yr-1), water footprints of production (m3 yr-1), and crop water use (mm yr-1). The DOI of the related data descriptor paper will be added once published. For more information on each dataset, please refer to the attached readme.pdf
Date made available16 Aug 2023
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data
Temporal coverage1990 - 2019
Date of data production23 Aug 2023 -
Geographical coverageGlobal gridded data

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