Dataset of X-ray Computed Tomography Reconstructions of Partially Saturated Vegetated Sand

  • Floriana Anselmucci (Creator)



The dataset contains the raw data of 4 reconstructed images from x-ray computed tomography. The content of the images represents the 4D in-vivo evolution of a vegetated sand microstructure. The pixel size is 60 microns and equal for all the 3D images. The samples are partially saturated, with a relative density of 30%, and Maize root system growing in it (Day 2 and Day 6 post germination). The sand used are two different granulometry of Hostun sand. One set of data refers to Hostun_1.5-2, with D50=1.9mm, the other refers to Hostun_31, with D50=0.33mm. The dataset can be used to recreate the image processing protocol to segment the root system and the soil matrix, as presented in Anselmucci at al, 2021a,b. The data is intended to be used with the purpose to develop an automated root-segmentation tool.
Date made available11 Oct 2022
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data

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