fairly and JupyterFAIR: Better interoperability between research data repositories and digital research environments

  • Serkan Girgin (Creator)
  • Manuel Garcia Alvarez (TU Delft DCC) (Creator)
  • Jose Carlos Urra Llanusa (Creator)
  • Kees den Heijer (Creator)



One challenge researchers currently have is the lack of means to manage research data directly where it is generated, stored, or utilized; in other terms digital research environments that run on workstations or virtual machines located some where in the Cloud. Such environments are well connected with certain infrastructure such as code repositories. By using tools such as git, existing research software can be easily cloned, or researchers can create their own code repositories to share their research software. However, this is not the case for research data. faily Python package and JupiterFAIR JupyterLab extension aims to lessen the gap and to allow researchers to easily create and quickly publish research datasets to popular research data repositories, such as Zenodo, figshare, and 4TU.ResearchData.
Date made available17 Nov 2022

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