Global Sensitivity Analysis of the SCOPE Model in Sentinel-3 Bands: Thermal Domain Focus



The research was done on synthetic data, i.e. the data was generated by models: RTMo, 6S, SCOPE and SCOPE emulator, based on gaussian process regression (gp_emulator). The results were analyzed with SALib Python package. For the sake of storage space we do not provide intermediate results. The provided data is input parameters, final results (top of atmosphere (TOC) radiance in optical domain, top of canopy (TOC) thermal radiance, land surface temperature (LST)) and sensitivity indices. Should you have any interest in the intermediate data (TOC reflectance factors, 6S atmospheric coefficients), please, contact the corresponding author Links to all software packages are available in the article and are also duplicated here. SCOPE v.1.73 docs: RTMo retrieval algorithm docs: Py6S docs: SALib docs: gp_emulator docs:

Global sensitivity analysis of the radiative transfer model SCOPE
Date made available21 Feb 2020
Date of data production18 Feb 2020

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