How to support a healthy communication environment? Effectively combating global challenges with good science communication and journalism

  • Elisabetta Tola (Creator)
  • Tanja Salandin (Creator)
  • Giulia Bonelli (Creator)
  • Marco Boscolo (Creator)
  • Francesca Conti (Creator)
  • Michael Creek (Creator)
  • Esther Marín-González (Creator)
  • Karinna Matozinhos (Creator)
  • Anne M. Dijkstra (Creator)



This Policy Brief includes suggestions, observations and ideas shared, discussed, and summarised during the EU-funded project ENJOI (Engagement and JOurnalism Innovation for Outstanding Open Science Communication) with a circular cascade validation process and consolidated with a dedicated ENJOI Policy Event in Brussels at the end of the project.
Date made available12 Mar 2024

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