Intracavity time-domain characterisation of a high-power hybrid integrated laser in mode-locked operation



This dataset includes raw measurement data and scripts used to process and plot the data used in the resource article.
The purpose of the measured data was to observe phase locking of the hybrid laser in multimode operation and reconstruct the time domain both at the outputs and intracavity.
The raw measurement data is obtained by a 20 GSa/s real time oscilloscope measuring the beating between a tuneable laser source acting as local oscillator and the hybrid integrated laser where the local oscillator is stepped between each pair of lines of the hybrid laser.
Details of the measurement can be found in the resource article, where the measurement followed the procedure described in: "Stepped-heterodyne optical complex spectrum analyzer" by Reid et al. (see reference link)
Date made available17 Dec 2021
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data
Date of data production16 Mar 2020 - 16 Jun 2020

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