Leaf area index field measurements



Leaf area index (LAI) field measurements were collected on two meadows and five cultivated fields. This dataset contains the measurements at locations within the fields and the averages per study field.

Besides, LAI estimates derived from Sentinel-2 satellite imagery are included. Sentinel-2 LAI maps were generated by VITO and obtained from the VITO Product Distribution Portal. We processed the maps to field-scale LAI estimates. This contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data [2015-2019].

The LAI field measurements were used as references for the validation of the Sentinel-2 LAI estimates in the study 'Sentinel-1 soil moisture content retrieval over meadows using a physically based scattering model'.
Date made available31 Dec 2021
Temporal coverageJul 2015 - Feb 2019
Date of data production18 Feb 2021
Geographical coverageThe Twente region (mostly), East of the Netherlands

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