Long-term Ground-based Broadband Microwave Scatterometer Observations of an Alpine Meadow over the Tibetan Plateau

  • Johannes Gerhardus Hofste (Creator)
  • Bob Su (Project Director)



A ground-based microwave scatterometer was installed on an alpine meadow over the Tibetan Plateau to study the soil moisture and -temperature dynamics of the top soil layer and air-to-soil interface during the period August 2017 - July 2019. The radar return (amplitude and phase) of the ground surface was measured over 1 - 10 GHz in the four linear polarization combinations (vv, hh, hv, vh) at hourly or half-hourly intervals . This dataset contains both the (raw) radar return values (amplitude and phase) and the backscattering coefficients derived from it (vv and hh only). Included are results from the time-series measurements over the period August 2017 - August 2018 and results of experiments (during three days in summer) where the ground backscatter was measured under various incidence- and azimuth angles. Also measurement results from calibration standards are included. Finally, In-situ measurement results of the volumetric soil moisture and soil temperature (at various depths) and precipitation for the complete period are added to this dataset.

Microwave Backscattering, Soil Moisture, Tibetean Plateau, Ground-Based Radar
Date made available19 Feb 2020
Temporal coverage26 Aug 2017 - 26 Aug 2018
Date of data production9 Jan 2020

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