Modeling Schistosoma japonicum infection under Pure Specification Bias: Impact of Environmental Drivers of Infection

  • Andrea Lucia Araujo Navas (Creator)
  • Lydia R. Leonardo (Contributor)



These data set contains the survey information about positive cases of Schistosoma japonicum in the region of Mindanao, The Philippines. It also contains covariate data at city and barangay level extracted from the region of Mindanao. The data set also contains the models used in OpenBUGS.

Earth sciences, Health sciences, Mindanao region, The Philippines
Date made available30 Jun 2019
Temporal coverage2005 - 2008
Date of data production9 Jan 2019
Geographical coverageMindanao region, The Philippines
Geospatial point8.503606, 123.302875Show on map

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