Monitoring Soil Surface Mineralogy at Different Moisture Conditions Using Visible Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Data



Visible near-infrared imaging spectroscopy is capable of assessing spectral Soil constituents that are responsible for the organo-mineral interactions. In this study, we hypothesized that the alterations of the surface Soil mineralogy occur due to the moisture variations. For eight weeks, under laboratory conditions, imaging spectroscopy data were collected on a 72 h basis for three SiltyLoamsoils varying in the organic matter (no, low and high) placed at the drying-field capacity, field capacity and waterlogging-field capacity treatments.
Date made available15 Nov 2019
PublisherDATA Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
Date of data production1 Aug 2017
Geographical coverageLimburg The Netherlands

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