Multi Sensor-Orientation Movement Data of Goats



    This is a labeled dataset. Motion data were collected from six sensor nodes that were fixed with different orientations to a collar around the neck of goats. These six sensor nodes simultaneously, with different orientations, recorded various activities performed by the goat. We recorded the activities of five different goats on two farms in the Netherlands. We used a 3-axis accelerometer, high-impact accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. All sensors were sampled at 100 Hz.
    For more details please see the readme file in the dataset.

    Ecology, Rehabilitation, Computer science, Veterinary medicine, Animal ethology, animal psychology, Biotechnology, Technology in medicine and health care, Agriculturural technology, Animal husbandry, Animal activity recognition
    movement data, Goats, Robust sensor-orientation-independent feature selection
    Date made available26 Mar 2018
    Date of data production26 Mar 2018
    Geographical coverageNetherlands
    Geospatial point52.228084, 5.381073Show on map

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