Neutron Reflectometry data and code for the manuscript entitled: 'Enrichment of charged monomers explains non-monotonic polymer volume fraction profiles of multi-stimulus responsive copolymer brushes'

  • Edwin Christopher Johnson (Creator)
  • Joshua D. Willott (Creator)
  • Isaac Gresham (Creator)
  • Timothy J. Murdoch (Creator)
  • Ben A. Humphreys (Creator)
  • Stuart W. Prescott (Creator)
  • Andrew Nelson (Creator)
  • Wiebe M. de Vos (Creator)
  • Grant B. Webber (Creator)
  • Erica Wanless (Creator)



Contained in the zip file is the reduced neutron reflectometry data, the code used to analyse the data and jupyter notebooks used implement this code. Data is for proposal number PP4274, experiment number PPR6490 on the Platypus Reflectometer at ANSTO, Australia. The data is name with measurement numbers. The attached excel document describes the condition which corresponds to measurement number.
Date made available23 Apr 2020

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