Neutron reflectometry datasets for "Geometrical confinement modulates the thermoresponse of a poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) brush"

  • Isaac J. Gresham (Creator)
  • Ben A. Humphreys (Creator)
  • Joshua D. Willott (Creator)
  • Edwin C. Johnson (Creator)
  • Timothy J. Murdoch (Creator)
  • Grant B. Webber (Creator)
  • Erica J. Wanless (Creator)
  • Andrew R.J. Nelson (Creator)
  • Stuart W. Prescott (Creator)



Reflectometry datasets collected from confined and unconfined polymer brushes on the Platypus reflectometer at ANSTO. The reflectometry data files provided are four-column text files. Column 1 is Q, column 2 is R, column 3 is R error, and column 4 is Q error (resolution).
Date made available16 Dec 2020

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