Open Science (OS) is on the rise and will change the research landscape in the next years. Many initiatives have the goal to make the entire research process more transparent and re-usable to increase the benefit of research for society. The University of Twente (UT) took note of these developments. Consequently, OS plays a key role in Shaping2030, UT's mission, vision, and strategy for 2020-2030. But don't worry, you'll never walk alone. The Open Science Community Twente is ready to help to make our research more reproducible and accessible at all stages of the research cycle, from planning to publishing and beyond.
We are the Open Science Community Twente, an inter-disciplinary, bottom-up community to promote, learn, share, and discuss OS practices, such as Open Access, Open Data, and Open Reproducible Research. Together with the other OSCs in Europe, we aim at making OS the new norm. Our overarching goal is to assist UT in accomplishing the transition towards OS. To facilitate the broader adoption of OS practices, we try to make OS more visible and accessible within and outside UT, organize events, seminars, and workshops, facilitate knowledge exchange amongst peers, - support member initiatives focussed on OS, and connect with international OS communities.
Date made available2 Feb 2021
Date of data production2 Feb 2021 -

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