QueryCrumbs for Experts Evaluation Prototype and Demo Video

  • Jörg Schlötterer (Creator)
  • Christin Seifert (Creator)
  • Michael Granitzer (Creator)



This repository contains the evaluation software prototype used in the paper "QueryCrumbs for Experts: A Compact Visual Query System to Facilitate Insights into Search Engine Internals". In addition, a small snippet from one of the screencasts taken during the evaluation is included (audio removed). The prototype is an extension for the Chrome browser. It has been tested on Chrome releases on Windows, OS X and Kubuntu. It might work with Chromium in Linux, too. Installation ============ The installation of the extension is as follows (this is the way that should work independent of the operating system). 1. Open Google Chrome 2. Navigate to "chrome://extensions" using the search bar 3. Check the box "developer mode" in oder to install extensions from a file, which makes the button "load unpacked extension" appear 4. Press "load unpacked extension" and select the sub-directory expert-eval-prototype/ 5. Now, an extension called "QueryCrumbs" is visible in the list of extensions Usage ===== 1. Navigate to any web page which is not a browser internal page (chrome://XXX) or a search-engine page, for instance got to Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ada_Lovelace 2. Activate the extension using the small blue circle on the top right (next to the search entry field) 3. The sidebar appears on the right of the page and you can add your query/queries in the search field of the extension. 4. Query layer can be changed using the preferences (small button on top right with the outline of a user) -> Display Settings -> Node Form or Mode Note ==== Please note, that the extension is directly connected to the search API of europeana.eu. The data base of eurpeana is constantly updated and might provide different results for a query as it did at the time of the evaluation. Also, the API itself might be subject to changes.
Date made available18 May 2018

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