Results of Standing Balance Tests measured with the BalRoom (Balance test Room) in Healthy Elderly

  • J.H. Pasma (Creator)
  • Denise Engelhart (Creator)
  • Andrea B. Maier (Creator)
  • Ronald Aarts (Creator)
  • Joop M.A. van Gerven (Creator)
  • J.H. Arendzen (Creator)
  • Alfred Christiaan Schouten (Creator)
  • Carel G.M. Meskers (Creator)



This dataset contains the data obtained with the BalRoom (Balance test Room) and was used to analyze the reliability of the BalRoom. Twelve healthy elderly (aged 70 years or older) participated in this study. The study was performed between September and October 2014 in the Center of Human Drug Research, Leiden, the Netherlands. Three different trials were performed with increasing perturbation amplitude (0.02, 0.03 and 0.04 radians) of the support surface rotation, while the perturbation amplitude of the visual surround rotation and force perturbations remained constant. The trials were repeated on the same day after 1.5 hour and after 1 and 2 weeks, resulting in 2 sessions per day on 3 days.

Biomechanical Engineering, Rehabilitation Medicine, Standing Balance, System Identification
Date made available2016
PublisherDelft University of Technology
Date of data production14 Apr 2016

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