ReSurfEMG: A Python library for preprocessing and analysis of respiratory EMG.



Commits 73d3619: release 0.1.2 (Candace Makeda Moore, MD) #258 bceff91: changed getting ready notebook (Walter Baccinelli) #259 013d8ec: retool developer instrucitons (Candace Makeda Moore, MD) #260 f769645: [cr] Reworded paragraph about developers roles (wvxvw) #260 12061b0: clarify install_dev further (Candace Makeda Moore, MD) #260 36876d6: reword O (Candace Makeda Moore, MD) #260 69c8d6d: bib update (Candace Makeda Moore, MD) #265 91d025f: bib update (Candace Makeda Moore, MD) #265 8f2e525: Suggested types/fix-ups for JOSS paper (AJQuinn) #266 d7614a7: [fix] Conda no longer tolerates single equals in package version format (wvxvw) #275
Date made available11 Oct 2023

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