Script underlying the paper "On Robustly Convergent and Efficient Iterative Methods for Anisotropic Radiative Transfer"



*** Solver for anisotropic radiative transfer in an XY-geometry ***
authors: J. Dölz, O. Palii, M. Schlottbom corresponding author: Matthias Schlottbom, University of Twente,
*** Scientific reference ***
Jürgen Dölz, Olena Palii, Matthias Schlottbom On robustly convergent and efficient iterative methods for anisotropic radiative transfer. Journal of Scientific Computing 90 (94), 2022. <sub></sub> When using this code, cite that paper.
*** Description ***
For using the code, unzip the repository and run solve.m. In lines 4-12, there are parameters regarding the solver and meshes used. In line 51, a function is called that specifies the optical parameters.
Date made available31 Aug 2022
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data

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