SINBAD mobile bed experiment research data

  • Joep van der Zanden (Creator)
  • Dominic A. van der A (Creator)
  • Jan S. Ribberink (Creator)
  • Tom O'Donoghue (Creator)
  • Iván Cáceres (Creator)
  • David Hurther (Creator)
  • Guillaume Fromant (Creator)



Large-scale experiments conducted in the CIEM wave flume at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, focused on hydrodynamics and sand transport under breaking waves. The SINBAD database contains datasets corresponding to two experimental campaigns: 1) a mobile-bed experiment; 2) a fixed-bed experiment. This is the mobile bed experimental dataset.

Bedload transport, Breaker bar, Breaking waves, Coastal, Grain sorting, Morphodynamics, Sand transport, Sheet flow, Suspended sediment, Turbulence, Undertow, Wave boundary layer, breaking waves, hydrodynamics, wave flume, waves
Date made available14 Dec 2018
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data

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