Software supporting the publication: Background Electromagnetic Noise Received via Ionospheric Propagation in a Remote Rural Location in Spain (set 2)

  • Benjamin Axel Witvliet (Creator)
  • Erik van Maanen (Creator)
  • George J. Petersen (Creator)
  • Albert J. Westenberg (Creator)



This software goes with the data set of a scientific experiment involving polarisation measurements in The Netherlands of electromagnetic waves refracted in the ionosphere during the impact of a solar X-ray flare, DOI 10.4121/21885825. The software is used for reprocessing this dataset to demonstrate the significant drop in ambient electromagnetic noise when a solar X-ray flare impacts the ionosphere.
Date made available30 Jan 2023
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data
Geographical coverageAmbt Delden, The Netherlands
Geospatial point52.2615, 6.6217Show on map

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