Supplementary data for paper: Soil Physical Characteristics and Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity in Barito Delta, Kalimantan, Indonesia

  • Novi Rahmawati (Creator)
  • Deasy Arisanty (Creator)
  • Dedi Rosadi (Creator)



This data contain soil textures in each depth from 1 to 5 m in the peatland of Barito Delta. Soil samples are taken in each depth of soil until 5 m depth. The sample is taken representatively in every landforms in Barito Delta. The number of sample is 51. Soil sample for the depth of 1 m is numbered orderly from 1 to 51. Soil sample for the depth of 2 m is numbered orderly from 1 to 51 with additional name of b alphabet, c alphabet for 3 m depth, d alphabet for 4 m depth and e alphabet for 5 m depth. Bulk density is also available. Location of the sample is also available in xml format including landform map, electrical resistivity measurement and soil profile location. Soil profile location is used to characterize soil texture in each depth of each landform in Barito Delta. Saturated hydraulic conductivity estimation for every sample and every depth is also available.
Date made available2021
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data
Temporal coverage2011 - 2011
Geographical coverageBarito Delta, Kalimantan, Indonesia
Geospatial point-3.46, 114.84Show on map

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