Supplementary data for the paper: A state-rate model for the transient wall slip effects in ply-ply friction of UD C/PAEK tapes in melt



The dataset contains supplementary data for the accepted paper: 'A state-rate model for the transient wall slip effects in ply-ply friction of UD C/PAEK tapes in melt' to be published in Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing. The dataset consists of ply-ply friction tests for UD C/PEEK and C/LM-PAEK tape in melt using a purpose-built friction tester, which simulates the response during actual hot press forming of thermoplastic matrix composites. The friction response for different sliding rates, while keeping the test temperature and normal pressure constant, is included as was measured in our earlier work (DOI: 10.1016/j.compositesa.2022.107185). The experimental procedure is outlined and an overview of the used specimens with the test conditions is provided. Typically, the response exhibits a peak followed by a steady-state friction depending on the applied rate. We extended our earlier modeling work, which focused only on the prediction of the peak and steady-state friction, to describe the full transient friction response by combining a White-Metzner viscoelastic fluid with a state-rate model to describe the evolution of slip at the fiber-matrix interface, gradually relaxing the shear stress with the ongoing deformation. The dataset includes the scripts used to process and plot the experimental data, to compute the response of the transient friction model as well as to process the required matrix viscosity data (part of earlier work). The matrix interlayer thickness distributions, as present at the ply-ply interface, are added, which also originate from our earlier work. The Matlab scripts are named according to the figures as shown in the mentioned paper.
Date made available30 Jan 2024
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data

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