Surface energy balance (SEBS) based daily global land evapotranspiration



This ET(SEBS) daily data provide estimation of global evapotranspiration values in a 0.05 X 0.05 degree latitude and longitude grid (3600 rows and 7200 columns). MODIS satellite remote sensing data (albedo, emissivity, land surface temperature, LAI, NDVI) and ERA5 meteorological data have been used in this ET calculation based on the SEBS algorithm. The dataset covers the time period 2018. More dataset will be produced and posted later.

Remote sensing evapotranspiration, Energy balance, Earth sciences
Date made available13 Oct 2019
PublisherDANS easy
Temporal coverage2018 - 2018
Date of data production2018
Geographical coverage5km x 5km spatial resolution for global land area

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Wang, L. (Creator) (13 Oct 2019). Surface energy balance (SEBS) based daily global land evapotranspiration. DANS easy. 10.17026/dans-zw5-yw9b