Surgical case mixes and distributions of perioperative surgical process durations for German hospitals

  • Grigory Korzhenevich (Creator)
  • Anne Zander (Creator)
  • Enno Bialas (Contributor)



The data set consists of parameters of distributions of perioperative surgical process durations in German hospitals subdivided by the level of care, the surgical specialty, patient type (in- or outpatient), and the procedure’s main OPS code. We consider the following processes: anesthesia induction time, anesthesia emergence time, surgical lead-in, incision-to-closure time, surgical lead-out, and closure-to-incision time (as described in the German Perioperative Procedural Time Glossary). In addition, we provide the number of cases (classified by the procedure’s main OPS code) treated in one year per level of care, surgical specialty, and patient type (in- or outpatient). The supplied data set is the result of processing the 2019 surgical process data set from the Operating Room benchmarking program of German-speaking countries provided by the company digmed GmbH. In total, we considered 2,035,126 recorded surgeries from 212 different hospitals. The data set was created and published to facilitate and promote research on Operating Room planning in the field of Operations Research. It can be used for generating specific problem instances or benchmark sets for Operating Room planning problems.
Date made available2022

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