The Multilingual Emotional Football Corpus (MEmoFC)

  • Nadine Braun (Creator)
  • Chris van der Lee (Creator)
  • Lorenzo Gatti (Creator)
  • Martijn Goudbeek (Creator)
  • Emiel J. Krahmer (Creator)



Multilingual Emotional Football Corpus, (MEmoFC) has been manually collected from English, German, and Dutch websites of individual football clubs to investigate the way different emotional states (e.g. happiness for winning and disappointment for losing) are realized in written language. In addition to the reports, it also contains the statistics for the selected matches. MEmoFC is a corpus consisting of comparable subcorpora since the authors of the texts report on the same event from two different perspectives – the winner’s and the loser’s side, and from an arguably more neutral perspective in tied matches.

Arts and Humanities, corpus, sports, affect, emotions, soccer, football, Tilburg University, Humanities
Date made available1 Feb 2019

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