The use of bivariate copulas for bias correction of reanalysis air temperature data : University of Twente

  • Sarah Alidoost (Creator)



Air temperature data retrieved from global atmospheric models may show a systematic bias with respect to measurements from weather stations. This is a common concern in local climate studies. The current study presents two methods based upon copulas and Conditional Probability (CP) to predict bias-corrected mean air temperature in a data-scarce environment: CP-I offers a single conditional probability as a predictor, CP-II is a pixel-wise version of CP-I and offers spatially varying predictors. The methods were applied on daily air temperature in the Qazvin Plain, Iran that were collected at 24 weather stations and 150 ECMWF ERA-interim grid cells from a single month (June) over 11 years. We compared the methods with the commonly applied conditional expectation and conditional median methods.

Earth sciences
Date made available18 Mar 2019
Temporal coverageJun 2008 - Jun 2019
Date of data production2008 - 2019
Geographical coverageQazvin Plain, Iran
Geospatial point36.299885, 50.018246Show on map

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