Understanding Intra-Annual Dynamics of Ecosystem Services Using Satellite Image Time Series

  • Trinidad Del Rio (Creator)



1. The Word file "Source and processing of GIS-RS input data" contains the source information of used DEM, Sentinel-2, and preprocessing steps. 2. The files having the suffix "_5Clusters" comprise shapefiles containing the resulting cluster areas for thicket, pastures, and rosemary fields for each ecosystem service. 3. The Excel file "AkimaSmoothing_Interpolation" corresponds to the estimation of ecosystem services for each cluster and date. It also corresponds to the input to run the R script to calculate the one value/months using Akima interpolation

Integrated monitoring, Temporal variability, ISODATA clustering, Seasonality, Sentinel-2, Remote sensing
Date made available20 Aug 2020
Temporal coverage18 Feb 2017
Date of data production20 Aug 2020
Geospatial point23.846127, -33.516743Show on map

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