VBi2Te4 dataset underlying the publication: Phase Separation Prevents the Synthesis of VBi2Te4 by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

  • Marieke Altena (Creator)



This dataset contains the collection of experimental data on attempts to deposit VBi2Te4 by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The data is published in:
Altena M., Jansen T., Tsvetanova M., Brinkman A. Nanomaterials 2023

The published data covers samples deposited with different vanadium fluxes during the MBE growth, deposited with the following settings:
Substrate: (0001)-Al2O3
Temp_sub = 150C
φBi = 0.0027 Å/s
φTe = 0.072 Å/s
Thickness buffer layer Bi2Te3: 1 nm

TJ_VBT01 - φV = 1800 C (temperature of the Knudsen cell)
TJ_VBT02 - φV = 1750 C
TJ_VBT03 - φV = 1850 C
TJ_VBT04 - φV = 1900 C
MA_VBT14 - φV = 1800 C, no buffer layer

The dataset is a .zip file covering the following data:
- XRD data (TJ_VBT01, TJ_VBT02, TJ_VBT03, TJ_VBT04)
- STEM + EDX data (MA_VBT14)
- RHEED data (TJ_VBT02)
- AFM data (TJ_VBT01, TJ_VBT02, TJ_VBT03, TJ_VBT04)
Date made available10 Jan 2024
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data

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