WorldFAIR (D10.3) Agricultural biodiversity FAIR data assessment rubrics

  • Debora Pignatari Drucker (Creator)
  • José Augusto Salim (Creator)
  • Jorrit Poelen (Creator)
  • Filipi Miranda Soares (Creator)
  • Rocio Ana Gonzalez-Vaquero (Creator)
  • Mariano Devoto (Creator)
  • Muo Kasina (Creator)
  • Luísa G. Carvalheiro (Creator)
  • Pedro J. Bergamo (Creator)
  • Denise Araujo Alves (Creator)
  • Isabela G. Varassin (Creator)
  • Faleiro Carla Tinoco (Creator)
  • Max Rünzel (Creator)
  • Drew Robinson (Creator)
  • Juliana Cardona Duque (Creator)
  • Mileidy Cristina Idárraga Giraldo (Creator)
  • Maria Camila Agudelo Zapata (Creator)
  • Esteban Marentes Herrera (Creator)
  • Christine Taliga (Creator)
  • Cynthia Parr (Creator)
  • Diana Cox-Foster (Creator)
  • Elizabeth Hill (Creator)
  • Márcia M. Maués (Creator)
  • Kayna Agostini (Creator)
  • Andre R. Rech (Creator)
  • Antonio Mauro Saraiva (Creator)



The WorldFAIR Case Study on Agricultural Biodiversity (WP10) addresses the challenges of advancing interoperability and mobilising plant-pollinator interactions data for reuse. Previous efforts, reported in WorldFAIR Deliverable 10.1, ‘Agriculture-related pollinator data standards use cases report’ (Trekels et al., 2023), provided an overview of projects, good practices, tools, and examples for creating, managing and sharing data related to plant-pollinator interactions. It also outlined a work plan for conducting pilot studies. Deliverable 10.2 (Drucker et al., 2024) presented Agricultural Biodiversity Standards, Best Practices and Guidelines Recommendations. This deliverable presented results from six pilot studies that adopted standards and recommendations from the earlier report. The current report complements the efforts with Agricultural Biodiversity FAIR data assessment rubrics.

We introduce a set of FAIR assessment tools tailored to the plant-pollinator interactions domain. These tools are designed to help researchers and institutions evaluate adherence to the FAIR principles. In the discovery phase, we found that a significant amount of data on plant-pollinator interactions is available as supplementary files of research articles, in a diversity of formats such as PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and text files. The diversity of approaches and the lack of appropriate data vocabularies lead to confusion, information loss, and the need for complex data interpretation and transformation. Our proposed framework primarily targets researchers in this domain who wish to assess the FAIRness of the data they produce and take action to improve it. However, we believe it can also benefit data reviewers, data stewards, data repository managers and librarians dealing with plant-pollinator data. Our approach focuses on being as familiar as possible with the researcher's practices, language, and jargon. Ultimately, we aim to promote data publishing and reuse in the plant-pollinator interactions domain.

We present a ‘Rubric for the assessment of Plant-Pollinator Interactions Data’ with examples from the data from the pilots developed in Deliverable 10.2 and in relation to the FAIR Implementation Profile (FIP) created by Work Package 10. We conduct ‘dataset assessments’ of available data from research projects surveyed in the discovery phase. Additionally, we describe in detail the ‘Automated FAIR-enabled Data Reviews’ generated by the Global Biotic Interactions (GLoBI) infrastructure, with examples from the pilots.

We believe the tools described in this report will encourage data publishing and reuse in the plant-pollinator interactions domain. Moving from diverse approaches and siloed initiatives to widely available FAIR plant-pollination interactions data for scientists and decision-makers will enable the development of integrative studies that enhance our understanding of species biology, behaviour, ecology, phenology, and evolution.
Date made available27 Feb 2024
  • WorldFAIR (D10.3) Agricultural biodiversity FAIR data assessment rubrics

    Pignatari Drucker, D., Salim, J. A., Poelen, J., Soares, F. M., Gonzalez-Vaquero, R. A., Devoto, M., Ollerton, J., Kasina, M., Carvalheiro, L. G., Bergamo, P. J., Alves, D. A., Varassin, I., Tinoco, C. F., Rünzel, M., Robinson, D., Cardona-Duque, J., Idárraga, M., Agudelo-Zapata, M. C., Herrera, E. M., Taliga, C., & 7 othersParr, C. S., Cox-Foster, D., Hill, E., Maués, M. M., Agostini, K., Rech, A. R. & Saraiva, A., 27 Feb 2024, 47 p.

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