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Activities 1985 2020


A comparison of measuring methods for hand kinematics: Leap sensor and goniometer.

Bart F.J.M. Koopman (Examiner), Konstantinos Nizamis (Examiner), Noortje Henrica Rijken (Examiner)
22 Jan 2018

Activity: Examination

Buitenlid afstudeercommissie Jaimy Simmering

Richte Schuurmann (Examiner)
20 Dec 2018

Activity: Examination

Create a novel setup and protocol for measurement of kinematics of the Duchenne hand.

Bart F.J.M. Koopman (Examiner), Konstantinos Nizamis (Examiner), Akshita Akshita (Examiner)
28 Jun 2017

Activity: Examination

Design and Validation of a Wireless EMG-Sleeve for Gesture Classification

Arno Stienen (Examiner), Konstantinos Nizamis (Examiner), Andries de Boer (Examiner)
11 Jul 2016

Activity: Examination

Exam Committee Health Science

Sabine Siesling (Examiner)

Activity: Examination

Fine-Tuning of Artificial Neural Networks to Improve EMG to Force Mapping

Bart F.J.M. Koopman (Examiner), J. Lobo Prat (Examiner), Konstantinos Nizamis (Examiner), Benjamin Bolte (Examiner)
21 Jun 2015

Activity: Examination

Jury thesis Matthias Wulf

Willem L. Vos (Examiner), L. Kuipers (Examiner)
23 Jan 2015

Activity: Examination

Lid promotiecommissie A. Vuckovic, Aalborg University

J. Holsheimer (Examiner)

Activity: Examination