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Coupled Dynamics in Soil : Experimental and Numerical Studies of Energy, Momentum and Mass Transfer : e-book

Zeng, Y., 2013, Berlin, Germany: Springer. 164 p. (Springer Theses : Recognizing Outstanding Ph.D. Research)

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Innovation, risk and governance : case studies on innovative approaches to EGovernance and risk management

Navarra, D. D., van Westen, C. J., van der Veen, A., Parodi, G. N., Boerboom, L. G. J., Merchand, M., Nekhai, O., Arriaza, M., de Bruijn, K. M., Mens, M. P. J., Slinger, J. H., Cuppen, M. E., Krywkow, J., Leenders, J. K., Wagemaker, J., Roelevink, A. & Rientjes, T. H. M., 2011, Edizioni Fotograf. 200 p.

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Strategies and techniques for groundwater resources development in Northwest China

Zhou, Y., Nonner, J. C., Meekes, S., Griffieon, J., Su, Z., Li, W., Hao, A., Zhou, Y., Li, X., Shao, X. & Wan, L., 2007, Beijing: China Land Press. 338 p.

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Research vision : ITC research and graduate programme, geo - information science and earth observation

Kraak, M. J., Jetten, V. G., Paresi, C. M. J., Skidmore, A. K., Su, Z. & Vosselman, G., 2006, Enschede: International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation. 19 p. (ITC Research and graduate programme : research evaluation key document)

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Introduction to the use of geographic information systems for practical hydrology : IHP - IV M 2.3

Meijerink, A. M. J., de Brouwer, J. A. M., Mannaerts, C. M. & Valenzuela, C. R., 1994, Enschede: International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation. (ITC Publication; vol. 23)

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Re - thinking erosion on Java

Diemont, W. H., ... [et al.], Mannaerts, C. M., Smiet, A. C. & Rijnberg, T. F., 1991, Bogor: School of Environmental Conservation Management (SECM). (School of Environmental Conservation Management SECM : Special publication; vol. 5)

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