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Testing Divergent Transition Systems

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Automata theory

Model-Based Testing

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Labeled transition system
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As Cheap as Possible:Efficient Cost-Optimal Reachability for Priced Timed Automata

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Process Algebra and Markov Chains

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Markov chain
Process algebra
Stochastic process algebra
Markovian process

Enhancements of LOTOS

Brinksma, H. & Leih, G. 1995 LOTOSphere, software Development with LOTOS. Kluwer Academic Publishers, p. 453-466

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Cache consistency by design (invited paper)

Brinksma, H. 1994 Protocol specification, testing and verification XIV. Chapman & Hall, p. 53-67

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Performance analysis and true concurrency semantics

Brinksma, H., Katoen, J. P., Langerak, R. & Latella, D. 1994 Theories and experiences for real time system development. World Scientific, p. 309-337

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Functionality Decomposition by Compositional Correctness Preserving Transformation

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Goal-driven LOTOS execution

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On asynchronous testing

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On the coverage of Partial Validations

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On the Coverage of Partial Validations

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On the Uniqueness of fixpoints modulo observation congruence

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From data structures to process structure

Brinksma, H. 1991 Computer Aided Verification. p. - 11 p.

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