A compact active grid for stirring pipe flow

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A compact active grid is developed with which a pipe flow can be stirred in order to enhance the turbulence. The active grid is composed of a stationary and a rotating disk with characteristic hole patterns. This active grid is placed inside the pipe, allowing flow to pass through it. With only one moving part, the design is much less complicated than current active grids. Several combinations of perforated disks are investigated, and the resulting control over the turbulent intensity and spectral energy distribution is quantified over a wide range of rotation frequencies. We find that significant turbulent fluctuations are introduced mainly in the energy-containing range and partially also in the inertial subrange. These additional fluctuations represent up to 25 % of the total energy and are not caused by pulsations of the mean flow. The compact active grid will be of use where efficient mixing in limited space is required and in applications when the introduction of specific lengthscales is desirable, such as in premixed burners.
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JournalExperiments in fluids
Issue number1594
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2013


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