A constitutive model for the superplastic material ALNOVI-1 including leak risk information

Corijn H.C. Snippe, Timo Meinders

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For some applications, it is important that a formed sheet of material is completely gas tight, therefore it is beneficial to be able to predict whether a formed sheet will be leak tight for gases or not. Superplastic materials show the ability to attain very high plastic strains before failure. These strains can only be reached within a small range of tempera-ture and strain rate. In thecase of the alu-minium alloy ALNOVI-1 by Furukawa Sky Aluminium, the optimum superplastic be-haviour is found at 520 °C and at strain rates roughly between 10-4 to 10-2 s-1. Under these conditions, the mechanical behaviour of the material is highly strain rate depend-ent. This article describes a proposal for the constitutive model of ALNOVI-1, as can be incorporated into an FE code (like a user-defined material UMAT in ABAQUS), in which the leak risk can be implemented, as function of the cavity volume fraction. This will be done in a phenomenological way, using the results of uniaxial tensile and biaxial bulge experiments.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSteel Research International
EditorsM. Pietzyk, J. Kusiak, J. Majta, P. Hartley, J. Lin, K. Mori
Place of PublicationDüsseldorf, Germany
PublisherVerlag Stahleisen GmbH
ISBN (Print)978-3-514-00754-3
Publication statusPublished - 2008
EventMetal forming conference - Düsseldorf
Duration: 1 Jan 20081 Jan 2008

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NameSpecial Edition
PublisherVerlag Stahleisen GmbH.


ConferenceMetal forming conference


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