A High Voltage Swing 1.9 GHz PA in Standard CMOS

W.A.J. Aartsen, Anne J. Annema, Bram Nauta

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    A circuit technique for RF power amplifiers that reliably handle voltage peaks well above the nominal supply voltage is presented. To achieve this high-voltage tolerance the circuit implements switched-cascode transistors that yield reliable operation for voltages up to 7V at RF frequencies in a 2.5V CMOS process. Advantages of this include the possibility to use higherohmic load resistors. The impact of load resistances with higher ohmic values is two-fold. Firstly the demands on matching networks are loosened which translates into a higher efficiency for the matching network. Secondly the signal currents are lower which decreases the impact of any series resistance. A design of a 1.9 GHz power amplifier using the switched cascode approach was made. Simulations on the extracted layout of a single ended side showed 21 dBm of output power at a 25 ohm load with 21 % PAE. A layout improvement was estimated to result in 22 dBm at 30 % PAE.
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    Title of host publicationthe 13th ProRISC workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing
    Place of PublicationUtrecht
    Number of pages5
    ISBN (Print)90-73461-33-2
    Publication statusPublished - Nov 2002
    Event13th Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, ProRISC 2002 - Veldhoven, Netherlands
    Duration: 28 Nov 200229 Nov 2002
    Conference number: 13

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    PublisherSTW Technology Foundation


    Workshop13th Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, ProRISC 2002


    • EWI-14417
    • High voltage swing
    • switched cascode
    • power amplifier
    • IR-67442
    • CMOS RF
    • METIS-207354

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