A medium-range air combat game solution by a pilot advisory system

J. Shinar, A.W. Siegel, Y.I. Gold

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Air-to-air combat between two aggressive aircraft , both equipped with medium-range guided missiles, is .a key element of future air warfare. This dynamic coni lict can be viewed as an interaction of a twotarget diiferential game (between the air--craft) and two independent missileaircraft pursuit-evasion games. The information structure is, however, rather intricate: though perfect information can be assumed between the two aircraft, the missiles have a limited detection range, beyond which information has to be forwarded by the launching aircraft. Moreover, missile firing cannot be assumed detectable. Problems of such complexity haven't been treated yet in the frame of classical differential game theory. In this paper a prototype Pilot Advisory System (PADS), designed to solve the problems facing the pilot in such an engagement, is described. PADS proposed to be an expert System, which operates in real--time and has a "knowledge base" incorporating differential game concepts and solution elements. PADS simultaneously evalua.tes potential success with the respective risks and advises the pilot when to fire his missile and when to start an evasive maneuver. This advisory system can guarantee survival when so desired by the pilot. but in most situations it maximizes the probability of victory with an accepted level of' risk.
Original languageUndefined
Publication statusPublished - 1989
EventGuidance, Navigation and Control Conference - Boston, MA
Duration: 1 Jan 19891 Jan 1989


ConferenceGuidance, Navigation and Control Conference


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