A method for header compression context control during handover in mobile data communication networks

Georgios Karagiannis (Inventor)

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    A method of an equipment for controlling header compression context during handover in a data exchange between a transmitter and a transmitter and a receiver of an IP mobile data network wherein data packets are transferred comprising a header portion and an information portion. The transmitter comprises a header compressor and the receiver comprisesa header decompressor arranged for operating in accordance with a header compression scheme. In the case of a handover the header compressor is notified of the initiation of a handover and starts transmitting packets arranged for controlling the header compression context between the header compressor and header decompressor.; After completion of the handover, the header compressor is notified of the completion of the handover and resumes header compression in accordance with the header compression scheme during normal data exchange not involving a handover.
    Original languageUndefined
    Patent numberEP1303963
    Publication statusAccepted/In press - 27 Dec 2006


    • EWI-19666
    • CR-C.2
    • CR-B.4.1
    • IR-76032

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